Copthorne Village Millennium Group – 2016 Raffle

This 2016 carnival raffle was organised by The Copthorne Village Millennium Group. Please see bellow about the great cause this is supportingCarnivalfloat_arch1

“The CVMG is committed to the preservation of the heritage of Copthorne.

At present there is village history stored in various houses and buildings around the village, including registers of births, deaths and marriages, school records from many years ago, history of the many organisations in the village both past and present, the development of Copthorne from its early roots and continuing to the present day.

Hopefully you are aware that we are embarking on a new project to set up the Copthorne Archive which will be an ongoing project to record and make accessible to the community our village history.

Following the publication of the book ‘Copthorne the Story so Far’ we had a large amount of material that did not reach the book and at last years carnival we sold DVDs containing a lot of pictures and documents that had not previously been published.

The Archive presents the opportunity to bring all these documents together and to be recorded in a manner that will make them accessible to the community.

The group is often contacted to provide background information when contentious planning matters arise and when the schools have asked the young students to research village history.
The archive will provide a good vehicle for this information to be provided, accessed and added to.

We are now renting a small office in The Hub and will be fitting out the loft space for archival storage. We have applied for a grant to help with fitting out the loft space.
We are operating with secondhand IT equipment which is fine for the short term but we need to replace this.
The volunteers working on the project will need training in archival processes and the special acid free storage boxes and paper is very expensive to purchase.

We are currently putting articles in the Copthorne Magazine to promote the project but until we are properly set up we are limited in what we can do.”

To find out more about the group please visit them here.

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