We need YOU! If you fancy getting involved and helping us out either on the day or before then please get in contact.


The Carnival 2016 Committee

Chairperson Graham Casella

Secretary Lorraine Cheesmur

Treasurer Yvonne Swann

  • Rachel King
  • Rob King
  • Paul Blakemore
  • Nick Coombe
  • Angie Coombe
  • Chris Burnage

Lay Committee Members

Kevin Ruddock – Finance and Risk Advisor (Consultant)

Jon Keen – Programme

Chris Burnage – Production Management and Technical Support

Martyn Baker – Facilities

Neil Barnes – Green Planner

On the Day

Support Staff

  • Ben Ruddock
  • Felicite Burke
  • Denys Burke
  • Aaron King



  • Mark Gallagher
  • Martyn Baker
  • Peter Luxford
  • Russell Corrie
  • Mark Hammond
  • Monica & Richard Polley
  • Paul Simmons
  • Eddy Redfern
  • Mike & Julia Levy
  • Jeremy
  • Joan & IanTullet
  • Gill Narramore
  • Ian Woodcock
  • Jill Creek



  • Karen Lelliott
  • Sabah Lanboob


  • Simon HIll
  • Kevin Ruddock


Programme Delivery People

  • Martin Baker
  • Julia Levy
  • Peter Chatfield
  • Jill Creek
  • Ray Brown

Plus many others to numerous to mention –

A huge Thankyou to the above people without your support the Carnival wouldn’t be possible

From The Carnival Committee and the residents of Copthorne

Copyright by Copthorne Carnival